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E37 - Shine TOO Indie Hits (Oasis, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Joy Division & MORE

November 21, 2021

Marketing Man 1 – “That ‘Shine’ album did ok, don’t you think?”

Marketing Man 2 – “It didn’t sell as well as ‘Dance Zone Level 5’ though”

MM 1 – “Different market, mate, different market. But this guitar music seems to be everywhere, and there’s a lot of it in the charts. I reckon we can make another compilation and make a quick buck or two”

MM 2 – “Can we try not to use old songs this time?”

MM 1 – “We can try… quick, get me Alan McGee on the phone again…”

Simon & Boyd carry on the analysis of the Shine compilation series, this time taking in such giants of the time as Belly, Gene and Gigolo Aunts. 

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